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The Kids Guide to Colwyn Bay

I think Colwyn Bay is quite a good place for children because of the mixture of natural and other amenities. I have listed a few of my favorite places below, I hope you enjoy reading about them.

Beach- Take your parents for a sunny day on the beach! Play in the sea, buy a 99 ice cream with a flake (mmm…*) from a kiosk, make a sand castle, dig a hole and take your dog too!

Woods- Take your parents for a walk in the woods! Fight with sticks, play hide and seek, play on one of the many fun rope swings hidden in the woods, climb trees, if you a have a dog take him or her with you!

Godfather pizza- Like pizza? Fed up of frozen pizza from your corner shop? This is the place for you! Fussy about what goes on your pizza? I know I am! Get your pizza made especially for you! Your choice of toppings, crust, base and much more.

Pier- Go to the pier for some sea air. Great fishing spot and visit the café while you’re there and there’s even a traditional sweet shop there too.

Theatre- Colwyn bay theatre, a theatre that doubles as a cinema. Go there for the latest films, shows and musicals. Great for every one!

Eirias park- Eirias Park has many fun things there! Swings, slides, zip wires, and now a giant rope spider web. Also sometimes there are events there such as party in the park, children in need, and more also visit the skate park for a great time!

Colwyn Bay Football Club- Colwyn bay football club is a great place to go for football fans and best of all kids go free with parents, get yourself a hotdog while your there(mmm…*) *couldn’t help myself *couldn’t help myself again

Swimming pool- Colwyn bay swimming is great for kids especially in the holidays when kids swim free! They have a water slide, a little bubbly pool where you can relax, a big pool, and a baby pool. Great fun exercise!

Colwyn bay leisure centre- Colwyn bay leisure centre has many activities to attend like the gym, or the bar, they also have a huge sports hall you can hire for parties, clubs and more.

My personal favourite is the swimming pool- Its great fun and you can stay there for hours on end with the nice warm heating system.



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